Linking Rings

As I mentioned earlier one of the rings would get caught on the handle of the bag and I worked on this for a long time until it got down to a set routine.

A synopsis of the routine

After the third ring was caught on the handle of the bag I would pick up one of the other two rings and place it around my neck then look back at the bag and notice that both handles were now linked to the ring. I would then kick the bag and the rings would unlink from the handles but in this action I would overbalance and knock over my table. When I had picked the table up and straightened myself up I realized the ring was linked onto the table and I couldn't remove it. The only way to remove the ring was to take off the table top - the first part of my act consisted of me trying to put my table together after taking it out of the bag and all the trouble I got into while putting it together, so this was very funny.

While trying to remove the ring from around my neck it would get stuck on my nose and when it was released I would notice the ring in the other hand was linked onto my braces (suspenders) then I had to remove the braces from my trousers to remove the ring, and in the process my thumb would get caught up in the leather tab, but at least I now had a ring in each hand.

The action was stopped at this point as I tried to compose myself, then I would say "for my first trick" - the act had been going for about 10 minutes at this point. My hands had disap-peared and jumped from arm to arm, my arms had stretched then I tried to put the table together and my little finger would get stuck in table pedestal. While my finger was stuck, balls would appear between my fingers, the balls would change colour and multiply into a never ending stream of balls. The rings had linked on-to everything but themselves so when I delivered the line about my first trick it would get a huge laugh. I would get a lot of criticism from magicians who thought I was "just a clown" but actually there was more magic happened in the first 10 minutes than most magicians would have in a 30 minute act.

I would say "on the count of three, these two rings will link together, one, two, three" on the count of three I would hit the two rings together but accidentally get my thumb in between them, there was a dull thud and I would grimace then look down at my thumb which now had a huge bandage on it.

From the audiences point of view I never did get to do the linking ring routine.

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