I like the second deal and came up with this quick trick while playing around with the deal.

  1. Have a card selected.
  2. Control it to second from the top.
  3. Turn over the top card and leave it face up on top of the deck while you ask "is this your card".
  4. Double lift the face-up card with the face-down chosen card and use them to turn over the next card while you ask "is this your card".
  5. Place the double card on top of the now face-up card and turn all three cards down.
  6. Ask your spectator to hold out a hand palm up.
  7. Second deal the chosen card onto the palm up hand.

The appearance of the face up card is quite startling.


Unless otherwise stated I do not claim ownership of any idea or effect published on this website.  Where possible I will give full credit and if you know of any credits that should be given I welcome your input.

Second Deal Tip

A push-off second deal works very well with this trick.

Just remember to keep the finger tips (of the hand holding the deck) below the top couple of cards because any contact with the back of the "hidden" face down card will separate the two cards.

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