The day everything changed.

An accident proved to be the catalyst for the rest of my performing career.

 I remember I had quite a good sized crowd with a nice edge and the act was going according to plan then disaster struck!

Two rings had been taken out of the bag and the third accidentally got caught on the handle of the bag and when I lifted the ring up the bag came with it. This was not supposed to happen, the crowd laughed and I got angry. The angrier I got with the ring and the bag the more the crowd laughed, this should not have been happening.

Eventually I disentangled the ring from the bag and got on with the act. The rest of the act was a disappointment because all I could think about was how embarrassed I was that I got it wrong at the beginning

I went and had a coffee and thought about what had happened and it became clear that it was actually a good thing, the crowd laughed which is a great thing to happen and the only mistake I made was not capitalising on the situation.

That night I spent some time thinking about why the crowd laughed and how I could manufacture the accident then did some rehearsing and I was ready for the next day.

When the ring got caught on the bag the crowd laughed again and I pretended to get annoyed, this got a good reaction but it wasn't as real as the day before. Luckily I got to do two shows that day so in the next one instead of getting annoyed I was surprised then frustrated because I couldn't sort it out - this got a better reaction.

My comic character was being born

After that I experimented with the rings getting caught on everything in sight and I felt so liberated to be making people laugh through my inability to control the situation. This thinking was poles apart from the traditional magician who is so in control that they are in danger of becoming detached from reality.

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