The sequence of events in this section are true to the progression of events in my early days in Covent Garden Market but they are not intended to be taken as the only events that happened.

To document the entire "settling in" period and my evolution from wannabe street performer to one of the most sort after street magicians would take a huge volume on its own and the purpose of this section is to give a flavour of my life as a street performer.

The routines in this section are not the only routines I have devised and used but are given to illustrate the thought process that went into coming up with new ideas.

Along the way there have been lots of "duds".

I had an idea one time to emulate the three linking ring trick but with me and two assistants from the crowd all with our own thumbs tied together. This was at a time when I was working with Mike Mulkerrin and the idea was that Mike would stand on a chair and the assistants and me would have our hands above our heads forming three rings then Mike would move us around linking and unlinking us in the process. My thumbs would be tied with my Thumb Tie method and the two assistants would be tied in a similar looking tie but would actually have their thumbs tied together. It never worked because of the unpredictability of the assistants, for it to work they needed to have a certain amount of tension in their arms and they could never keep the tension up.

This was just one of my ideas that was plagiarised and this idea was put into a book to be passed off as someone else's idea. When Anna and I left the country to travel it seems a lot of my ideas surfaced amongst certain magicians who took them as their own but also some of the stories of my adventures of performing out of the country (before my extensive travels) had been taken and passed off as stories of their own exploits.

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